So facebook is messing with my blog…

All my computer time, as of late, has been spent on facebook. Although this summer, I haven't been able to get on the computer as much as I'd like. See, I now have three children who enjoy using the computer. The little guy is now playing on it as much as the older two. I'm not exactly sure where he figured out how to navigate the internet, I'm thinking maybe now kids are born with this ability. I think he's the youngest of my bunch. He goes on my facebook account and plays my games. So if you happen to frequent my facebook page and you see something like, "Deb is playing Pet Society." or "Deb has just reached her weekly high score in Bowling Buddies." it's not me. It's him. I swear.


School has started, and it seems the weather has changed already. I'm craving hot cocoa and pumpkin spiced lattes, and I'm digging through the kids dressers to find long sleeves and pants that fit. I love this weather, I just wasn't expecting it for a few more weeks. The kids started off the school year (almost) happily. Madelyn started fourth grade and is happy to be one of the big kids at school.


Christopher started 1st grade, at his new school. This is a huge transition for him. He's been at the same school with the same teachers since he turned three. He was not as excited as the other two, but he made it through the first week with only a couple of bumpy days. Each day was better than the one before. By Friday his report was filled with happy faces.


I know every day won't be perfect, but he's doing such a great job coping with all of these changes. For a kid like Christopher, this was a huge deal. I am super proud, and I think he is too.


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