Why can’t I keep up?

Haven't been able to keep up with much of anything lately. The blog is only one piece of the ever growing pie. It's not like I don't have anything to talk about. I can always find something to talk about. Like how I messed up my foot trying to be all athletic, so now I've been off the treadmill for nearly three weeks. And like how cortisone shots in your heel really aren't as bad as you think they are. So, Señor Treadmill, I'll be back next week.

I could also talk about how my poor middle boylie has been having a rough time of it at school lately. I think he's burned out, but unfortunately school is not something I'm willing to let him quit. His teachers think he's got some anxiety about moving on to first grade. This is a move that will take him to a new school, with all new faces. Luckily for us, it is our home school, and his sister is there as well. And I've met the teachers, and I know the staff there and I think he will love it. But for now, I think he's just a bit stressed. Which means lots of tears. So, hopefully after a nice break he'll be ready to go. Yesterday was our field trip to the carnival. He looks forward to this all year, and next year they will be going without parent chaperones, so I enjoyed every minute of it this year.

My big girl is moving on to fourth grade. This is what scares me. Fourth grade. That's big kids. The biggest kids in the school. She has decided not to attend the fourth grade gifted program next year. She loved it this year, when it was only one day a week. But next year, it moves her over to a new school for her fourth grade year. We went back and forth about whether we should just tell her it wasn't an option to not do it. But she has had such positive experiences in school so far, we figured it was more important for her to be happy at school, and not stressed. She'll be fine, I'm confident in that. She's an awesome kid, super smart and a great student. Come fifth grade she'll be taking classes at her ability levels anyway, so I'm not going to force her into something she's not ready for.  She's finishing up soccer and seems to like it. I've been asked not to post her picture on the blog, so I thought I could probably get away with this.

And the little bug, well, he's doing just fine in his early childhood class, he'll stay where he is at least until the end of the year, when he's reevaluated. He loves school, loves his teachers and loves taking the bus. And he's so stinkin' cute I can't stand it.

And my whole project 365 picture a day project has not been going so well either. Totally can't keep up with that. So much for 365, looks like maybe project 273? Who knows. I take plenty of pictures. Ask my hard drive.

So, looking forward to summer, grateful for the change in weather, and hoping to someday feel a bit more caught up. I said, hoping.

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