Oh, hello, May.

What the heck happened to April? That went by super quick. 

So. What's been going on?   

Much of the same, actually. Kids stuff, house stuff, working out, staying on top of my program (except for a little chocolate incident at Easter, but we don't need to get into that). Truckin' along.

Middle boy having a bit of school stuff. We're working on it. I think he'll be okay. Just one of those end of the year things, where we're all just. plain. tired.

Big girl started spring soccer. It's kinda fun sitting in the bleachers watching her play. Except on muddy days when I have to keep the little one from rolling around like a mud-lovin' pig.

Oh, speaking of pigs, there's that swine flu thing going around. It's all I can do to keep my hypochondriac self from going insane. Actually, I'm doing fine. I stopped watching the news and everything got better.

Little boy is talking up a storm. He's finally in the question asking stage. As in, "Mom, where are you going? Mom, what are you doing? Mom, what are you eating? Mom, are you taking a shower? Mom, Mom, Mom, MOM, MOM!!!!  Fun. 

Excited for summer. I've decided to take a less is more approach to signing the kids up for activities this summer. Got kinda tired of dragging people to stuff that costs way too much money. Going back to basics this summer. We'll see how it goes. Talk to me mid-July.

That's about it, for now. Oh, except one more thing…



Oh, yes, my family is coming too. I wouldn't just go to Disneyworld by myself. Maybe when they're all grown up…


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