Can’t get my brain to work.

It's been one of those weeks (or two) where I have thoughts spinning in my head about what needs to get done now and what's coming up. Too much stuff floating around up there and not enough brain cells left after 8 years of sleep deprivation to sort it all out. So not much to blog about. 

Easter was nice.

I love hard boiled eggs. It's a good thing, too, because if I didn't eat them they'd still be sitting in my fridge until I remembered to throw them out. 

I ate way too much chocolate.

So did the children. Except Sam, he's a Skittles boy.

Had Christopher's 1st grade IEP meeting. He starts 1st grade in the fall, and they want him to spend more time in regular ed. classes than special ed. I think it's great. The more you nudge him, the better he does. I just can't believe he's starting 1st grade.

Lots of stuff to do at the kids' school. Busy busy. 

And a picture from Easter, because when you can get three children to look in the same direction for .7 seconds, it's nice to show them off.


And they're all clean and shiny, too. 

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