World Autism Awareness Day

Take some time to learn about what Autism is, and how it affects 1 in 150.

Here is my one.


Christopher has Asperger's Disorder. The thing I love about this picture, is that it so, totally Christopher. He loves music and loves to dance. One of the things that most people comment on when they see him is that he's such a happy boy. And he truly is. He has the sweetest disposition, he's so easygoing, and I love him to pieces. Of course, he has his moments, as any other 6 year old does. Stuff bugs him just like anyone else. But he's tough. He's starting to understand the things that upset him and he's starting to take control. He's realizing that he has the power to get himself through the tough stuff. And I'm so very proud of him. So proud my heart wants to burst from my chest sometimes.

Another reason I Iove this picture, is because you wouldn't know that Christopher had these issues by looking at this picture. Which is proof that Autism is on such a huge spectrum. No two kids are the same. Kids with Autism are not unaffectionate. They do have emotions, and not just the bad ones. They smile, they are happy, they enjoy life. 

They dance. Just like everyone else.

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