A long couple of weeks

So, since Samuel started school, I had heard that I would really love this couple of hours of quiet time.  Except, that after only three days, one or two of which I spent freaking out that he was at school, I lost my two and a half hours to my sickie little middle boy.  Came home from school on a Friday with a fever, and stayed for another entire week.  So just when Sam gets used to riding the bus with his brother, he doesn't.  Which made for a really crappy Monday.  But, luckily by Tuesday we were well on our way, the tears had stopped and I think he's got the idea.  Except I still had Mr. Sickie at home.  It wasn't so bad.  You know how when they're sick they get a little quieter and extra cuddly.  And there was no puking, that was a bonus.  And, thankfully, he's all better and both boys got on the bus this morning.  And so begins the two and a half hours of quiet that I am supposed to enjoy so much.  Except today I am going out to the pet store to purchase a new crate and some food and water bowls for the new arrival at my house. 

We are expecting a new little boy puppy.  Well, not actually a puppy, he's about a year old.  I gave in to the pressure, and the cuteness.  He seems like a good boy, let's hope Miss Bella doesn't teach him the ways of the dark side.

Off I go.


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