Confession time

I have a confession to make.  I did not vote for Barack Obama.  Now before anyone gets all "oh my God, have you no shame?" on me, let me just say, I'm not a political girl.  I don't get all wrapped up in the political craziness, nor do I watch the news often enough to feel confident enough to give a strong, solid statement one way or another.  It was just a decision I made, when it was time to make it.  Whether or not it was the right one, only time will tell.  Hey, at least I voted, right?

So when the decisions were all made, and I sat watching and listening to Barack Obama as he spoke to the gazillions of people in his hometown, my city, I could not help but feel hopeful.  And so again, on the day of his inauguration, I watched and listened. And I felt it. Hope. And my kids came home from school, and said they saw him on the tv. Madelyn said they all got to go in the gym and watch the president get sworn in, and listened to his speech.  I told Christoher that we have a new president, and he said, "Barack Obama."  I was proud. I felt excited. I don't know if I feel differently this time around because I'm older, I have children that are near the ages of his children.  Our former presidents had children, but they were older.  The thought of a family in the White House with little girls who like Hannah Montana and the Jonas Brothers is kind of neat.  The historical significance of this presidency is also overwhelming to my brain.  I saved the papers that came home from school with the kids that talked about the new President and his inauguration, I thought it would be something cool to show them later.  They're too young to understand how big of a deal this is. 

It's an exciting time. Makes me want to sit up and pay more attention. Even though I voted for someone else (shh, don't tell), I feel satisfied with the decision that was made, and I feel like good things can happen.  Off we go.


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