Happy Birthday, Buddy


Okay, so his birthday was yesterday.  I was so wrapped up in the post-Disney reorganization that I neglected to post about it.  We did celebrate, however.  And he woke up yesterday and said "It's my birthday, I don't have wiggly teeth."  This is because I told him once that when he turned 6 he would get wiggly teeth like his big sister.  This caused much anxiety.  He was not interested in losing any part of his body, teeth included.  So, we tried to explain it and finally figured we'd deal with it when the time came. And I forgot all about it, until yesterday morning.  We checked the teeth, and they are not yet wiggly, so we're okay for now.

This picture was from our breakfast at Crystal Palace in the Magic Kingdom last Saturday. They gave both boys a cupcake and sang Happy Birthday.  What's better than a cupcake for breakfast?  We did celebrate at home yesterday, and are planning a small party for both boys this weekend.  I just wanted to say how proud I am of this little boy.  With all of his struggles he is always so smiley and happy.  And his latest thing?  He tells me all the time, "Mom, I just love you."  I just love you too, buddy.  Happy Birthday.


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