Just as I remembered.

We're home, and we're cold. There's a wind chill here today. No wind chill in Florida. Just fun. We had a couple of chilly days, if you call 65 degrees chilly. And a half a day of rain. Otherwise, it was perfect. We had loads of fun, my kids were brave, tried lots of new stuff. Christopher insisted on riding Space Mountain, it was not my favorite. We also rode Tower of Terror. Yes, there was terror. For me, not so much him. Lots of thrill rides, lots of popcorn and ice cream. About 800 pictures and four video tapes of memories (don't worry, I won't post them all here). And, of course, Mickey.


So, it's back to real life. Getting ready for Christmas, lots to do, lots of laundry. Catching up on homework, and housework. Only one week of school before Christmas break. As much as we loved our trip, the kids seem content to be home. Now, if I can just convince my husband that we need to go back again next year…


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