It’s been an exhausting week.

So I think I'll go to Disneyworld.  100_0063_r1

Okay, this is a picture from last year.  I just wanted a reminder of how sunny and beautiful it's going to be.

This week we had Christopher's re-evaluation at school.  The big one they do every three years.  And we have a diagnosis.

Asperger's Disorder.

And let me just say, I am grateful.  The people at his school really worked hard on this, they took their time, they were very thorough.  They wanted to be absolutely comfortable with this before presenting it to me.  It's pretty much what I expected.  And I'm totally okay, even relieved, that we finally have it nailed down.  Now I don't feel like we're just floating around in limbo.  It doesn't change much at school, but it does give things a new focus.  And it opens up alot of options for us in terms of what we can do for him.  So yay, school people.  Thank you very much.

And now I'm going on vacation. 


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