Howdy, fall.

Sure doesn't feel like it yet. I've been dying to make a pot of chili or stew or something, but it just doesn't feel like it's time yet. Also, my house is a disaster, and I feel like comfort food should be eaten in a comfy home. Not the sort of home that may be reported to the authorities if seen by outsiders.

Things have been busy, yes.  But I've also been lazy.  No excuses here.  But I've got the bug to be crafty and make stuff, which also comes along with the comfy-ness of fall.  And I need to clean off my dining room table so I can do this.  'Cause this family doesn't actually dine on the table, we use it to make stuff and hold stuff and keep stuff until we find another place for it.  So, Leslie, I know you're reading this.  Wanna come over?  I promise to clean up beforehand.  And I can make you some popcorn on my new popcorn popper that R. got me for my birthday. 

Updates:  We (I) have decided to pull Christopher from his Religious Ed. class and give him another year before we try again.  It was a small class, and supposedly they were going to have two aides, one of which would be for my boy.  Well, there were two aides, but they each only stayed for half of the class and switched off.  And the boy who was supposed to sit with Christopher was probably the most timid teenage boy I have ever met in my life.  He barely looked at me or Christopher.  Which is not so good for someone who needs help with eye contact.  The teacher was very nice, but I seriously don't think she got it.  Even after lots of explaining.  She just kept telling me that she has taught preschool and kindergarten and she felt fine about it.  But when I came to pick him up, he was playing in the back of the classroom, and then started playing with the light switches.  Why?  Because he was on his own.  He's not ready to be that independent yet.  I had a bit of a hard time with this, I had hopes he could handle it.  Don't get me wrong, he throroughly enjoyed himself, he was having a great time.  I heard he even sang songs during chapel.  The problem is that Christopher doesn't always come across as a kid with special needs.  Sometimes he just looks like a kid with a problem sitting still, not listening or paying attention. I really don't think they got it.  So, we're waiting 'til next year, and if he's still not ready I'll just do the home program with him and move on.  He sits in a classroom for enough time already. 

Madelyn is doing some big time 3rd grade standardized testing in school for two weeks.  She loves it.  Because they get lots of breaks and no homework for two weeks.  I like the no homework stuff, too.

Girl Scouts starts this week.  Yay.  (did that sound sarcastic?) 

Waiting for the fall weather and pumpkins and Halloween. 


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