It’s all about the gold, baby.

We have a gold medalist in our house. As we we speak, she's upstairs in her room assembling a new lego set. After much work, and lots of reminders, this summer, we found out on Friday that Madelyn read the most pages over the summer from her class. The school has a summer reading program, and everyone that participates gets to go on a special field trip, but this year they gave awards to each class to those who read the most pages. It was a whole Olympics theme, you get the picture. Gold, silver, bronze. Well my girlie came home with the gold. Over 2000 pages read this summer. We decided we needed to reward her further, and Daddy went and bought her a supercool new Star Wars Lego set, with like a bazillion pieces. So I don't have a picture of my champion, because she's kinda busy. And so totally happy. She wasn't expecting the reward, it wasn't part of the deal. We just felt we really needed to praise her for the good stuff she does in school. Trying to keep her motivated. And it won't always be "stuff." We don't have that kind of cash. But we want her to know that we think it's a big deal when she does well at school.

Our other school aged child has started in his Kindergarten class and is adjusting. He's doing really well during circle time, but it does move much more quickly than his other class so by the time he's out of there he's pretty tired. And for him, tired means silly. So that's what we're working on. So far nothing serious, it's only been four days. And on Friday we got a report that he did a much better job paying attention and looking at the teacher. So we're on the right track.

My other good news is that…NAPS ARE BACK!!! They disappeared over the summer, but since school started, Sam has been much crabbier, and I realized that he is getting up earlier and still not napping, so by dinnertime he's a monster. He did fine with no naps over the summer, but not so much now. So I decided to put him down for one the other day and he fell asleep. Even after the " I wanna no take a nap!" protest he gave in. Three days in a row. Heaven for me (at least for an hour or so). I'm gonna try and keep them going as long as I can. Cross your fingers.


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