Why I’ve been so busy


Meet Bella, aka Madelyn’s birthday present.

She’s an 8 month old Maltese-Poodle mix.  And she’s as sweet as can be.  Only a couple of accidents the first couple of days and she’s been perfect since.  Yes, I’m getting up a little earlier.  It has kept us a bit busier than usual, but otherwise she’s doing great, and so are we.

So here’s Madelyn’s face when she got the news…

DSC_0015 copy

Here’s the story.  We took her to a Cubs game for her birthday while Grandma and Grandpa stayed with her brothers (see the shirt).  When we came home Bella was there but we told her she was just visiting with her cousin Brandy, who is known for fostering dogs looking for new homes.  When Madelyn started opening her presents, the very last ones were a couple of dog bowls, a leash, and a bag of dog food.  She looked totally confused, but tried to be gracious as she said her thank yous.  We had to ask her a couple of times, why she would need these things.  “In case I get a dog someday?” she said.  When she found out Bella was hers, she nearly flipped.  All caught on videotape.  Priceless.  So now, a week later, Bella has made herself at home, she seems to be fitting in quite nicely.


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