what’s that smell?

It’s the lovely smell of latex, my friends, as in paint. For my walls. In my house. We have been talking about painting for what seems like forever, and with my husband’s two week between job break, we thought it was probably a good time to get going. Except that we didn’t. And a week into the two week break, still no paint. So finally, my husband came up with a brilliant idea. “Maybe we should hire someone to just come and do it for us.” Before the sentence was even out of his mouth I said “okay, here’s the phone.” He came out that night (Monday) and was ready to start on Wednesday, which meant I (because hubby has no opinion) had to go to the “depot” and find some colors. Quickly. So I did. And they’re fine. The green in the family room is a little brighter than I thought it would be, so let’s just call it our “happy” family room. The rest is pretty neutral. And clean. Still working on what to put up on the walls, but for now I’m just enjoying the open canvas. I know it won’t last. My poor children are terrified to touch the walls. Every time they get close we both scream “watch the walls!” and they jump. We’re not quite done. Still have the downstairs and upstairs bathrooms and a little touching up to do. I would post pictures but they’d be boring, seeing as I have no “before” pictures. Maybe once it’s all done.

So now, if I could get rid of my carpet, and kitchen floor and countertops we’d be in business. And a new refrigerator would be nice, maybe a kitchen table. Some new living room furniture. Sigh. But for now, clean walls are good. Can’t you smell it?


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