good stuff

That post from yesterday, actually had words to go with the heading, but somehow they got eaten and I can’t remember what I wrote, but anyway…

Feeling better

Sammy’s on the upswing (thank God, he’s been such a bear)

Getting tickets to see Wicked–balcony seats, but whatever

Ballet tonight, means Starbucks with Leslie

Madelyn needs glasses. She failed two eye exams at school so now we have an appointment for the eye doctor. Okay maybe that’s not good but I’m glad we found out from school ’cause she never would have told me otherwise that she CANNOT SEE ANYTHING. Teacher has her way up front in the classroom. I don’t know how she’s been making it. Amazing.

Going to the mall tomorrow (again, maybe not good) except that I get to buy some new shoes. Maybe I’ll get two pair–crazy!

Two more days ’til Spring Break (holding my breath for good weather)

Company this weekend means my house will be cleaned, somehow. Oh yes, it will be cleaned.


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