only once every four years

So I figured I should blog something today, since I can’t hardly ever blog on February 29th. Not much going on, got one little sickie in the house today, but he had a day off from school anyway so he’s just hanging out. I honestly don’t have much to blog about, there hasn’t been much news around here since the whole potty training extravaganza. Which is going quite well, by the way. One thing is for sure about my boy, once he gets something, it’s pretty much locked in. Good for him. Madelyn had some exciting news from school, she was picked to “tutor” in the kindergarten class. She was very excited and feels very important and grown up. Three kids from her class were chosen, and we are very proud.

Honestly, not much else. I’m sick of snow, along with everyone else. It was pretty for about 3 minutes and then I was pretty much done. I haven’t seen so much snow in I don’t know when. Just makes me long for Splash Mountain and Cinderella’s castle.

Okay, this is just sad. I think I’m done for today.


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