Big news in this house…

Something I forgot to mention in the past week or so…
No, not me. My big boy. This is big, people, HUGE. I was seriously starting to look sadly at the Depends undergarments at the Target thinking about how I could work them into my weekly budget once the pull-ups got too small. He has been totally refusing to go. He’d sit, sit, sit for an eternity and then get up and, well, once the pull-up was back on, you know the rest. We knew that he would take a bit longer to potty train just because of his motor skill delays, but I was really starting to get nervous. And then, one day, I got a phone call from his teacher. “Christopher wants to tell you something,” she said. And I hear this quiet little voice say, “I go pee in the toilet.” I nearly fell over. THAT is how good these teachers are. Of course, for a few days he would ONLY go at school. And then last week he came home from school and said, “I’m ready to pee.” And that was that. He’s been nearly perfect since. Nearly. We’re still working on that other thing. So the pull-ups stay on, but we’re using way fewer than before. And he wears underwear at school. I am the proudest mama. And he is so totally proud of himself. What could be better?


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