Does anybody read this thing? I mean, I post a fabulous video and I get no comments here on the ol’blog. For your information, my video has been seen like 522 times on YouTube, and I have like 7 comments, which is I think more than I’ve ever gotten on any post here. Ever. Okay, so the comments are mostly like, “Oh My God!! She was so awesome!! It was the best show EVER!” and are probably from girls who are around 12 years old. But they cared enough to show some love, right? Now I know somebody other than me reads this thing. I do get the occasional comment from Leslie ( I do appreciate you, girl.) but that’s about it.

So, that leads me to the question, why do I do this anyway? I mean, blog. What for? I ask myself this often, as I’m checking for comments and that big fat 0 stares me in the face. Is that all this is for? Am just doing this for the attention? Let’s face it, if I wanted nobody to read this I could password protect it and let no one in. But that’s not going to happen. Because in the fantasy world that exists in my head this blog will become suddenly so popular and fascinating to all people, and I will be asked to write for some great magazine, like Catherine Newman, or people will think I’m just naturally captivating and hilarious, and just be dying to know how I’m filling my days. I said it was a fantasy.

I do read alot of blogs. And I comment on alot of blogs. Not always, but often. Enough. And I don’t expect everyone to comment all the time. But a little “howdy” now and then would be nice.

Truthfully, though, this blog has become much more than my little sidetracked way of trying to become popular. I look back at my early posts and remember little things that happened and see the pictures and the changes. I remember what I was thinking about, what was bothering me and what made me happy. It’s kinda like a scrapbook, I guess. Only without all the fun product and the staying up until 2 in the morning. I can ramble on about whatever’s popped up in my head and then look back and reflect on the craziness. It’s good therapy, I guess. And only 8.95 per month. I will keep blogging, comments or no comments. Not for fame or fortune. Not for you, but for me.

But I won’t mind if you say hi.


2 thoughts on “randomness

  1. Howdy! Hi! I find your blog fascinating and captivating… Well, I do enjoy reading about what’s going on with you and the kids. Without the 2:00 a.m. (a conservative figure to be sure) conversations. And the video was really cool – and that’s coming from a 40-year old!

  2. I read your blog. This is how you keep me updated!! I spoke to Randy and said of course I know how big your kids are, I read Debbie’s blog and enjoy it, you cool mama!

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