More on Hannah

So now that I’ve come down from my Hannah high, I can talk about what an awesome time we had. First–a huge-ginormous-thank you to my friends Sue and Dave who scored us these freaking fantastic tickets. A gazillion thank-yous.

So, Madelyn had no idea we were going to see Princess Hannah, though she had mentioned many times how she oh-so-wished we could get tickets. I had only known for about two weeks, and I desperately wanted to tell her, but I thought the surprise would be sweeter. I told her when she came home from school Monday, right before we needed to leave. She screamed “WHAT?!” and gave me a huge hug. We picked up our friend Catherine and went to get Sue, and then went off for a lovely dinner and off to the United Center. After standing in line for a t-shirt, which Madelyn was completely not interested in at the time (Mama, we’re gonna miss it) we went to our seats.
About twenty minutes later–Miss Hannah emerged from her floating pink box (as seen in most awesome video shown below) to greet her hysterical fans. I have to say, I got a little starstruck myself. The show was great. She was on for nearly an hour and a half with no intermission, just a quick-30 second costume change every now and then. I don’t know where the energy comes from but I want some for myself. I sang along, Madelyn sang along. I snapped some bad pictures (gotta scrapbook this–bad pictures are better than no pictures).
I know it’s crazy, but I really had a great time. Partly because she had so much fun, and partly because it was just plain fun. She was an awesome performer, the songs were positive. I’m not a music snob. I have absolutely no problem with listening to pop music, teeny bopper music, whatever. I just love live music. I absolutely love concerts and I hardly ever get to go to them. And as far as what type of music I like, I just like stuff I can sing along with. I’m not about deep, meaningful hidden message music. Unless it has a good beat and you can dance to it. I like stuff I can belt out in my shower or in my car. But if you listen to some of these Hannah songs there really is some positive stuff for kids, so I don’t mind singing it with my kids in the car.

Anyway, fun. Fun, fun, fun. We got home about 10:30 and Madelyn went to bed smiling. She went to school the next day wearing her new t-shirt (which we wouldn’t have gotten if we waited–they were totally gone) and told me teachers stopped to ask her if she went to the concert. She had the best day. I wish we could do it again. I would totally sing along.


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