whole lotta nothin’

That’s what’s going on around here. Last few days of Christmas vacation are upon me. That’s good and bad. Good, because I will not have to hear “I’m bored” 10 times per minute. Bad, because I will have to hear “I don’t want to go to school” every morning from both of my school-going children. And because I will have to force said children out of bed and into clothing that is meant for public viewing. I will have to feed them something before taking them out into the cold wintery cold that is outside of my front door. I will also have to clothe and feed the youngest of my three, who refuses to be either clothed or fed. Almost always. I will also have to bathe, clothe and feed myself at some point. Funny, the feeding is never a problem for me. Huh. Anyway. It’s not like I’ve been sleeping in these past two weeks. I think the latest I’ve slept is, like, 7:03. So I’m still getting up early, school or no school. I do kinda like having them home, though. I dug out my old Nintendo system. And when I say old, I mean, I don’t think you can even get one of these on Ebay, old. And I only had two cartridges for it. Donkey Kong 2 and Mario Bros. Yup. That’s old. The poor thing only works for a little while and then dies. It needs to rest before starting up again. But the kids and I have been playing it the past couple of days. Well, I’ve been playing for them, ’cause Christopher just thinks it’s fun to watch, and Madelyn tries but can’t get past level one so she has me help her. But not to worry, I’m not sitting around playing video games all day. Mostly because the game just can’t stay on for that long. It just tires out after a while. I kinda know the feeling.

The New Year came quietly in our house. We made the kids count down around 8:00 and then sent them to bed. Stayed up a bit watching some crud on TV and fell asleep on the couch. Then woke up around 11:45 and figured I might as well stay up long enough to kiss my husband and then went back up to bed. The kids have all been kinda sniffly, they’re getting over ear infections (hopefully) so we’re laying low. Lots of fun stuff coming up in the next couple of weeks. Okay I’m exaggerating. Not lots, but some.

And none of that resolution stuff for me. Not this year. I’m not falling into that stinkin’ trap again. Just grateful for a good last year and hopeful for another this year. Happy Happy!


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