My littlest one is two today. I can’t believe how fast it’s gone by. This little guy drives me crazy and brings me so much joy all at the same time. He’s so different from his brother and sister that we sometimes wonder… But it’s all good. He’s my snuggliest of the bunch, and I love it. Sometimes he just puts his little hands on my face and says, “mama.” Sigh. He’s talking more everyday. He says lots of words that mostly I understand, but they’re there. Too stinkin’ cute.
So today we had a mini celebration after church with some chocolate Dunkin’ Munchkins.
We decided to forgo the whole candle-in-the-birthday-cake thing today. We did this a couple of weeks ago with a shared birthday party for his brother and him. It did not go well.
And it wasn’t because he was scared or tired or anything. He just wanted the cake. To eat. Not to look at. Not to blow at. He had been staring and pointing at the thing forever, and now it was time to eat it. No singing, please. Give me my cake now!

So today, just a simple treat and lots of Happy Birthday kisses. I hope you will always be as snuggly as you are today. Love you bunches.


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