It was a snowy, snowy weekend. But in some ways I was glad, because Madelyn has been begging to play in the snow, and because I really don’t do these kinds of things, I kept putting it off. And the snow was beginning to melt. Until this weekend. Whammo–big honking snow. So they played.
And I played a little too…
But only a little. It was freaking cold outside. I thought it was funny how the kids really didn’t care how cold it was. Not even Christopher. He didn’t even want to go out at first. He kept saying, “no snow on Christopher.” He only came out because we showed him the sled and told him he could take a ride. And then the sled tipped over and he fell right into the snow. I, unfortunately, missed a picture of that one. But he didn’t care. And then he screamed when it was time to come in. So we bribed them with hot cocoa and various sweets. But the kids just didn’t mind the cold. I don’t remember not caring about being cold at their age. I mean, I remember playing in the snow, I remember having fun. But I still remember the very first time I touched snow with my bare hands. I couldn’t have been more than 3 years old. I picked it up and dropped it immediately because it was TOO COLD!!

That’s not all we did this weekend, though. On Friday I went to Christoher’s school to take some birthday treats.
Dsc_0003 It really was the cutest thing. Apparently he had been telling people that I was coming with ice cream, but when I actually got there he looked at me from across the room and said, “Mama, what are you doing in school?” He was quite happy though, he said to me later as we sat and ate our ice cream, “I like Mama in school.” Melts my little heart. We also had a little cupcake celebration on Saturday, which was his actual birthday.
I cannot believe he is five years old. He’s getting so big and he’s so smart and so wonderful. And he’s doing great things every day. He loves his swimming class, he talks non stop about Disneyworld, he is really starting to try to engage other kids. Mostly his sister. But he did try hard to ask another boy his name the other day. All by himself. He really wanted to know his name, but didn’t know how to ask. We’re working on it.

So also this weekend I had a nice little visit with friends to scrapbook, but I didn’t really scrapbook. It was nice though. (Leslie, we missed you)

I should have forewarned about the many pictures in this post. But then you might not have kept reading. So here’s one more picture…


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