A pirate says…

Happy Halloween!!
Here’s what’s happening in this picture… Madelyn is all about business. Trick or treat, candy, thank you , let’s move on. Christopher is really focused. It’s really his first time trick or treating, he’s a bit nervous, a bit excited. I am actually really, really proud of him. He was kind of scared, but he did the whole block with us before wanting to stop. Last year he wouldn’t even try. And Sam, well, he’s just interested in getting into the people’s houses. When they would lean over to get candy, he’d wiggle his way into their home. So here’s my other two.

and a full shot of the cutest pirate ever..

It really was a great night. The weather was good, the candy was good. Everyone had a wonderful time. And the stress about the costumes is over. Now we start thinking about VACATION!!!


One thought on “A pirate says…

  1. OK. They are really really cute. I know that a true pirate wouldn’t appreciate it, but you just want to hug this one!! Next stop, Disney!!!!!!!

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