we don’t need no stinking gallbladder

At least I don’t. Or so they tell me. I guess it doesn’t matter now, ’cause it’s gone. Yup. I stressed, and stressed, tried to decide when to do this surgery and then just went ahead and did it yesterday. Home today. One night in the hospital, morphine, sleep. Good. Morphine is gone now, and I’m surviving. It’s actually not too bad. Dr. says I should be fine to take our trip to DISNEY in less than three weeks. Can’t believe it’s almost here. So, I’m moving around slowly today, but I’m moving. It’ll be a bit hairy around here for a few days but hopefully by next week I should be feeling better. It’s amazing how they can remove a part of someone’s body one day and send them home the next. I don’t get it. And I hear some people actually have this done and go home the same day. That I really don’t get. But whatever. I’m home. And Advil is my new best friend.


2 thoughts on “we don’t need no stinking gallbladder

  1. Hey! I’m glad you’re getting around OK. Don’t you think it would be nice if they could send you home with a little of that morphine?! Legally, I mean. Advil will have to do!

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