all done

Yesterday morning, last nursing for my little guy. We’re done. I though he’d throw a stink this morning when I told him it was all gone, but he just put his little hand up and said “ah gah” ( in case you don’t understand samuelese that means, “all gone”). I gave him his sippy and he went on his way. Sniff. I think he might be the youngest to wean, though the others were close to two years old. I never really noticed when the exact last day was for the other two, but I knew yesterday was going to be the last one for Sam. We had been slowing way down for the past few weeks, and I knew it was coming, but we were hanging onto that last morning nursing for a few days, and then I had to go and have a ct scan done, and have this crappy IV stuff that makes me unable to nurse for a 24 hours. So they said I could pump and dump. Um, no. I took it as a sign to stop. So this morning, we had a morning snuggle instead. Though I probably wanted to snuggle a bit longer than he did.


One thought on “all done

  1. Ha! Not sure how I wound up on your site (was just bouncing around), but I had to laugh at the “Samuelese” comment–we always said our youngest (now 4)spoke “Benjamese”. 🙂
    Happy holidays to you and your family. 🙂

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