happy days and fridays

I don’t really know why Fridays make me happy. Even if I’m in a generally cranky place, the fact that it’s Friday usually perks me up. It could be because I know I’ll have another adult in the house with me for 48 hours, except that we’re usually running one errand or another, and we don’t have much contact. And it’s not like I have any less work to do on the weekends, ’cause the kids are still here. And I still have to wake up early, because that’s how my kiddies roll. There’s not much sleeping in on the weekends. And my normally “morning person” of a husband magically transforms into “the man who can’t sleep enough” on the weekend, so he won’t often wake up and take the kids so mama can get her beauty sleep. But there is something about this time of afternoon on a Friday, when the kids are home from school and I know everyone’s safe and sound, that makes me feel kinda warm and cozy. It doesn’t happen on Saturday, strangely enough. It’s a Friday feeling. Happy Friday!!


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