first day of school!! first day of school!!

“Just like Nemo,” said Christopher when we got on the bus this morning. I started strapping him into his little harness thingy, chatting away with the bus driver while I buckled up my boy on his first day of school. “Yes, that’s right, Nemo went to school too.” It’s one of his favorite movies. So, I continued to chat with the driver, and Christopher says, “wanna say goodbye?”
“Huh?” I said. “You want mama to say goodbye now?”

“Okay,” he said.

“Wu-huh?” “You want mama to go now?”


I guess I should be happy that he really wants to go to school.

Madelyn also started school, big girl 2nd grade, that is. She was a little worried ’cause she doesn’t really know that many kids in her class so far, but when she came home she was very excited for various reasons. 1) “we’re going to have SCIENCE!!” (I’m glad she’s excited ’cause I was never that good at it.)
and 2) her best friend from kindergarten (way back then) is in her class this year. I myself have not set eyes upon this teacher yet, I have one week before I’ll get to set foot in the classroom. Can’t wait. I’m gonna put up some pictures, but I have to get my exhausted butt up and hook up my camera. So for now, wanna say goodbye?


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