Is it too late to change my vote?

This boy, and I say boy because I am old enough to be his…older sister, was absolutely amazing.
Last night, my little girl and I went to see the “Idols” live in concert. It was LOUD and insane, loads of little kids, but absolutely one of the best shows I’ve seen. Way better than the Wiggles. So, no lie, Mr. Blake Lewis was the standout of the show. Miss Idol, Jordin Sparks can sing. Boy can she. And she is stunningly beautiful. But Blake…I simply cannot stand it. Thank goodness this show was not on when I was a teenage stalker. I couldn’t just go to a concert. I had to find out how to see these people live and in person. Up close. I spent the whole two hours trying to figure out how to do it. I won’t even go into my long lived obsession with Menudo. Yes, that’s right. I got a hug and kiss from none other than Ricky Martin himself. Of course, that was way before he was livin’ la vida loca. It wasn’t until I was grown that I realized I could just go to a show and enjoy it for what it was. My daughter is nothing like me in this respect. Both before and after the show we saw a group of kids waiting to see the “Idols.” I asked her if she wanted to hang out. Before the show she said, “no, we’re gonna see them on the stage.” And after the show she said, “it’s just a waste of time, we just saw them on stage!” Like she was exasperated with me. Okay, that’s fine, I said. Nothing like me. How could she pass this up?

Of course, there was one little downside…


Okay he wasn’t that bad. And yes, his hair is just as fabulous in person.

By the way, I did not take these photos. I so wish I did, but I couldn’t bring my megacamera in with me, so I got stuck using my cell phone, and I don’t even know how to get the pictures off.


One thought on “Is it too late to change my vote?

  1. And you thought five trips to see Moz were crazy… all along you had it in you, too. It just takes a spark. Oh, and there are burgeoning rumors of a few more Moz shows this fall… hahahah! I’m there.

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