is it a lucky day?

Basically, I just wanted to post today so that I could remember what I did on this day that is supposed to be oh-so-meaningful because of three numbers. 7-7-7. Lucky 7. I’ve actually always felt like three was my lucky number. Not sure why. But when people ask I say, “3.” I heard on the news that lots of people scheduled weddings and c-sections and whatever to happen today, so that their anniversary or birthday would mean something. Like it would be meaningless otherwise. If I had to follow the logic of the “lucky number” then I really wasn’t paying attention on 3-03-03, so I guess I’m out of luck. Guess I should have played the lotto that day, oh well.

Anyway, so today we did pretty much average weekendy type stuff. Took Randy’s car in for some service, which costs way too much. Not so lucky. Sam had an OT session in which he lost it about 15 minutes before it was over, because it was well into nap time and he was not happy he couldn’t have the blue train. Again, not so much lucky. But after a nap, he was a much happier boy. There’s the lucky, right? And someone else in our house had some luck today too…


Brand new bike, training wheels attached, of course. Complete with a sweet basket and handlebar streamers, all pink and girly. And a turtle bicycle horn. That squeaks. Loudly. Love it.

It’s blazing hot out today, but we managed to go around the corner to try out the new wheels. The bike is just a tad tall, so it’s gonna take a bit of practice but we’ll get there.

That’s about it for our lucky day. But I’m really not complaining. Really. I believe that everyday I have with my kids and family is lucky. Truly. No matter what the calendar says.


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