summer of the spicada

They are dreaded by my daughter, not so much loved by myself. But apparently, my little middle one doesn’t seem to mind them.

We were out in the backyard the other day, he was happily swinging on his swing and I was talking to a friend, with my back turned. So I hear Christopher say, “did you see the spicada?” So I turned around, ready to say something and there he was, his little clutched fist outstretched for me to see. Proud as could be he showed me the “spicada” that was hanging out of his hand. He thought it was the most hilarious thing ever. I didn’t even think he noticed them, much less knew what they were. And for a kid who doesn’t like to get messy, he didn’t seem to mind scrunching the heck out of that creepy crawling thing. Yes, I thought it was disgusting, but part of me thought it was kinda cool to see him do a really, typical little boy thing like catch a bug. And then I told him to throw it so it could fly away. And he did. Thankfully.

So, one more week of summer school for him. Madelyn is finishing up her gifted camp and starts two weeks of swimming next week. She totally loved her classes. Already talking about next summer. Christopher starts swim this Saturday and I’m freeeeeaked out.

So, although my summer feels as though it’s been way longer than two weeks long, here’s to a happy first real day of summer!!



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