my summer

started at 5:15 this morning. Christopher woke up more than an hour earlier than necessary. He started summer school today (extended school year is what they call it here) and needed to be on the bus by 7:23. I was worried I’d have to wake him up and he’d be sleepy. Now, at 5:00pm he is sleepy. Madelyn woke up soon after, overly anxious to get started at her summer camp. The baby, who is usually the first one up, woke up around six. Then it was getting dressed and showered and breakfast and bus and hair and makeup and more breakfast and drive to school. And then just a few hours later they were all back home again. Wow, it went by quick. Then it was lunch and “I’m bored” so off to Grandma’s and the park and wow it’s hot outside and look there’s a slip n slide and “I’m hungry” and now we’re home. And soon it will be dinner and “I’m not hungry” and it’s only 5:20 and baths and only two more hours til I can put them all to bed. (Insert long heavy sigh) It’s going to be a very long summer.


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