Okay, I’m one day late. As of yesterday I have been married eleven years. To the same person. He still makes me laugh. He’s still the same boy I met when I was just seventeen. Only bigger. And who are we kidding, so am I . We dated for nearly ten years before we actually got married. People said, “It’s about time,” but really, were we supposed to get married at 17, 18, 19…whatever, people. We lasted through college, long distance college. He was in Boston, I was here. Let’s be real, it wasn’t easy and it wasn’t always fun. There were a couple of bumps, some really big ones, but it always worked itself out. So, eleven years and three beautiful children later, here we are.

This picture is from Thanksgiving. Look how sleepy we are. As I searched for this picture, I realized how few I have of the two of us. I thought about having Madelyn take one of us yesterday, but by the time Randy got home, I was a mess and it was late. And today he’s out having the car fixed and then some other errands. Life, you know. We did celebrate yesterday with a pizza (=no cooking) and ice cream. We’re going to wait ’til next weekend when the grandparents can take the kids and then have a date. So, this year I resolve to take more pictures of us. I just have to trust Madelyn with the camera.

Happy Anniversary, Sweetie!! I love you.


One thought on “eleven

  1. Happy Anniversary! Much happiness to you both, and hopes for a “hot date” next weekend! (Hubba, hubba.)

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