since I cannot speak

I will blog. My voice is gone. There is very little there right now and I must reserve it for the yelling at my children. I’m hoping not to even have to do that. This has not really happened to me before, and I realize now how very important one’s voice really is. For instance, how is one to order their much needed caffeinated beverage at the drive thru Starbucks without a voice? I tried that this morning. I heard “um, okay” from the teeny bopper barista on the speaker. When I got up to the window she said, “grande mocha?” “yes,” I mouthed back. I can’t even whisper, apparently that’s worse for your vocal chords than trying to talk with laryngitis. So, I’m sucking on lozenges, and drinking tea and hoping for the best. Soon.

In other news…


Yes, I shouted.

If you know my children at all, you will understand that this is super big news. Madelyn slept through at 18 months, Christopher at 19. Sam, my little overachiever, just turned 17 months. Yes, I did have to give him a gentle push. He thought it was not so gentle, but it took about a week and he has given in. But it was time, and now all is good.

Yay, us!!


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