can’t do it

Can’t be witty, can’t even figure out what to write about. Of course, I guess that’s not true, ’cause I’m writing now, right? Does that make sense? I’m so congested and coughing and yucky and I can’t stand it. And my wee kidlet is drippy and yucky too. The older two each have some variation of whatever this crap is, but they’re doing okay and off at school. When will it end? So, since I have nothing to say, I’ll just post a picture of my little diva/not really a diva from our trip to the princess-party-something-or-other-palace place that we went to on our Brownie field trip on Friday. She so cracks me up. She likes the idea of getting all glammed up but about 15 minutes later she realizes how much more trouble it is than it’s worth. She’d rather be comfy. She’s like her mama that way. So here she is about 5 minutes before ripping off the feather boa and kicking off her heels:

She is beautiful, though, isn’t she?


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