one of these eggs is not like the other

Come on, can you guess which one?
Madelyn was responsible for most of the egg coloring, but I did manage to entice Christopher into joining in for a couple. I used the “magic crayon” to write the alphabet all over the egg, so when we colored it the letters appeared. See, magic.
And Sam slept through the coloring of the eggs, but got to touch them when they were dry. I snapped a photo just seconds before he tried to slam the egg into the ground. Really blurry, but still total cuteness.
So, another lovely Easter was had this weekend. Too cold to go outside, but we found a great egg hunt at our local grocery store. At 7:30 in the morning. What a mama will do when her girly wants to hunt for some eggs. Dsc_0260
But it was fun. And she found a winning egg, only 3 in the whole bunch. Scored herself a nice Hershey’s chocolate bunny. As if there’s not enough chocolate in the house. The kidlets got all dressed up for church.
We made it to church on time and got a pew in the children’s section. Another Easter miracle. They did great and we stopped for an Easter donut after to celebrate. Speaking of baked goods…

I made these lovely bunny cakes on Saturday. They looked different in my head. And of course, some children made sure I did not put coconut on all of them, so not all of them were fluffy. And, since I had way too much batter than needed, and had all other necessary ingredients, I took a stab at Ali’s idea. Though, hers came out way cuter than mine.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


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