I like to think of myself as her “Gayle”

My friend Jen is a celebrity. To me, anyway, she always has been my favorite scrapbooker that I know in real life. I’m a bit biased, though, seeing as though we have scrapbooked many a night together at my dining room table, along with our friend, and glitter loving gal, Leslie. Leslie’s pages are always bling-y and bright. So, check her out, she is featured in our very prestigious Chicago Tribune lifestyle section. There’s even a video if you scroll through the little video screen at the end of the article. There are pics in the actual paper story, but I haven’t actually seen them yet. Hubby snatched the paper and took it to work, and I got a call from the train. “Your scrapbooking “Oprah” is in the paper,” he said. “Huh?” was of course my answer at 7:30 this morning. “Jen, she’s like an “Oprah” in the scrapbook world, right?” Yup, I guess she is, and I guess that would make me her “Gayle.”

So proud of you, girl.


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