and so he walks

Still not his primary way of getting around the house. I am actually his primary way of getting around, then it’s his chimp-like butt scoot, then the walking.


So I hear that now is when the trouble starts, as if I hadn’t already guessed that. He’s definitely not like my older two. Case in point…I walked in on him playing in his brother’s room with the train table. And when I say playing with the train table I mean sitting on top of the train table holding a train. Well, at least he’s using it, right? I have to say, though, this walking thing makes him happy. He seems a bit more content these past few days, and every day he’s walking more and more. When he’s in a hurry, though, he’s back in chimp mode. It’s much faster and you don’t hurt yourself as much.


3 thoughts on “and so he walks

  1. What a little cutie! He reminds me of the little boys that Tomie dePaula (spelling??) draws in his books… so adorable! Thanks for visiting my blog — come back soon!

  2. Look at him go! What’s unusual about a boy climbing up on top of furniture to explore? nothing at all! You are sooooo in for it… you’ve been utterly spoiled by two calm, sedate children, and now it’s your turn! Bwahaha…

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