a miraculous weekend

Probably not in the way others think of miracles, but for us it was pretty close. We, and when I say we I mean we two adults and all three children, went out to dinner, at a restaurant, wait, wait, I’m not done, not once, but TWICE. No, really, ALL THREE KIDS. I wish I had pictures to prove it. Saturday evening after crabbing all day about what to do with such a nice day, and actually doing nothing, we decided to go out for dinner at a Mexican place that is super not fancy and has giant booths and is noisy and nobody notices our craziness kinda place. And the food is good and the kids will eat it. So, we gave it a go. And Sam actually sat in his high chair for a good part of the meal, and then joined me in the booth for the rest. But, I finished my meal. Yes I did and it was good. So, today, we took them to church. Yes, by them I mean all three kids. And after church we drove to Cheesecake Factory for lunch. Another noisy place but slightly more fancy with smaller booths. And he sat in his high chair FOR THE ENTIRE MEAL. He laughed and ate some sliced bananas that the waitress brought us and some bites of french fries and some cheese and clapped and said, “yay” a bunch of times AND SAT IN HIS CHAIR. Christopher, however, gets a little wiggly now that he sits in the booth with us and not in a nice and tight and cozy high chair, so by the end of lunch he was halfway lying in the booth with his legs up on the wall. But no one said anything, so I say who cares. I finished my burger AND my drink AND shared a piece of cheesecake with the hubby. A very pricey piece of cheesecake but we were celebrating. I believe the boy just needs more exposure to the public. He needs to be out and among the people, I say. So we shall try again, maybe next weekend. When we came home I took Sam and Madelyn out for a 40 minute walk (remember the cheesecake) in the beautiful sunshine. Christopher and Daddy stayed home. Christopher said he wanted to stay in. “I’m in my home,” he said when I asked him if he wanted to come or stay. “Stay here, I’m in my home.” Miraculous, I told you so.


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