knit or scrap

What to do? Such a decision to make… As soon as I start either, though, I’m sure the little one will awaken with a shriek and make me stop whatever it is I have started. It’s the first quiet I’ve had all week and I’m sure he won’t let me go more than an hour. I just finished knitting a little neck warmer/scarf thingy for Madelyn. I would take a picture but she’s wearing it and totally loving it. Of course, temps are going up this weekend so she got to wear it for about three days. So I have started on a new pair of socks and then maybe I’ll work on a toy or something. I’m totally addicted. Thinking of buying one of those interchangeable needle sets so I won’t have to buy a new set of needles every time I start something new. I don’t know. I’m not very good at this knitting thing but I am so totally loving it. Thanks, Jen.


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