bouncing back

Remember that wood I was knocking on a week or so ago? I think it was rotted. Yep, ’cause it didn’t work. Madelyn stayed home sick last week thursday and Friday, and on Saturday the Dr. said the dreaded”p” word. Pneumonia. And a pretty nasty one, according to him. So back at home, lots of meds, Saturday was kinda scary. All day yesterday, Dr. checking in trying to see if we should go to the hospital or not. Finally, towards the end of the day I could see some signs of her bouncing back. Today she is actually up and around, smiling and laughing at Sam. Glorious. Nothing better. So off to the Dr. today for a recheck, and we’ll find out how long she has to stay home from school. Fingers crossed, no more of that nasty wood knocking. Doesn’t work.


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