wanna see something cool?


These are my brand-new, only took me like two months to make, spy socks. Why, do you ask, are they called “spy socks?” Because I knitted them while watching past seasons of “Alias” on DVD. Yes, it’s over, I saw the last season and I know how it ends. But, R. and I can’t help it. Too many questions went unanswered for us. We wanted to know how they got to where they ended up. So we started with season 1 and now we’re almost done with season 2. Two more seasons before the 5th and final. I don’t think we’ll watch that one again. But it’s fun. And it makes me want to learn ka-ra-tay so I can kick some bad guy butts. One can dream, right? So we decided that when it’s over we’re gonna start on “24.” I already bought more yarn and some new needles for more socks.

It has been a really wild week/weekend for us at home. I’ve had two sick kids in my home on any given day in the past week. I think everyone’s finally on their way back to wellness. (this is where I’m knocking on the wood) I had to take the little one to the ER yesterday. Turns out he has an infected toe from his wacky growing toenails. Just happened to catch a glimpse by accident and noticed that one big toe was like, twice the size of the other. And he had a fever. Scary. But he’s on some bug-killers and hopefully this will be gone soon. Big kids are finally both at school today. And it’s the warmest it will be all week, so I went to the store and stocked up on goodies for Valentine’s day dinner. It’s supposed to snow like a you know what tonight, and just get colder. So, I don’t wanna go back out.

One more bit of news, my big girl learned how to tie her own shoes this weekend. She was really bored, what with two sick brothers and all. And she did it. We are all so very proud and she is so proud of herself.

Here’s to a better week ahead. (still knocking on the wood)


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