well, Prince was cool.

So the Bears went home and no big football trophy thing came with them. Sad. But over. And I only saw half the game, plus halftime. And Prince. So cool, with his weird backward scarfy thing on his little tiny head. He’s cool. I don’t care how weird he is. My favorite Prince song is “Raspberry Beret.” You know, the kind you find in a second hand store. Anyway. I was never a huge Prince fan. I mean, I liked some of his stuff during his rainy, purple period. But, yesterday during the game I thought, I might need to download some Prince…onto my new iPod. Yes, that’s right, people. So happy to welcome music back into my ears. Since having kids, my CDs were pretty much banished to the basement and I only kept their stuff in the car. Occasionally I could listen to the radio and then I would hear new music and old music and think, “I should get that CD,” and then think not, ’cause it would join it’s friends in the basement. So, when Randy decided that he wanted to get me the iPod (for like, the third time) and then just went out and bought it and hooked up the car and everything, I ventured down into the basement and met some old friends. Hello, Mr. Stipe, so nice to see you. Sting, it’s been a long time. I even downloaded some Daughtry. Oh, the madness.


One thought on “well, Prince was cool.

  1. You are nuts!!! BTW – The Police is reuniting and going on tour. The tickets start @ $250. I’ll be buying the CD! What happened to good seats going for $80? And we had to save for weeks!

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