mama time, baby

I had my first whole (almost) day of mama time. That’s right, me time. As in, time for me. Fun. So, so cool. Went to a crop. (Yay!) Spent the day with my best buds. Took a short break to run home and put the little one down for a nap and then back for the afternoon. Total mama time: 8 hours. That includes travel time, ’cause traveling alone in a car still counts as mama time. Eight hours, people. They kidlets did great. And so did their dad. He even did dishes while I was gone. The house was NOT as bad as I expected. And I came home with a cute mini book that I have wanted to do for a while. Done. Just a few embellies here and there and it will be perfect. I would post a picture, ’cause I’m that dang proud, but the three people who read my blog have already seen it. They were at the crop, see. So, if you’re a lurker, and are just dying to see my oh so adorable book, post a comment and I’ll post a picture or two. So, it was fun. I’m ready to do it again. Oh. So. Ready. But the daddy, he might need some time…


2 thoughts on “mama time, baby

  1. Yay! You did it! I’m so glad you came yesterday – it was fun! And I’m happy that all went well at home. LOVE your mini-album!

  2. Your mini book is perfect… just beautiful! Thanks for joining us, you deserve your mama time and we were very happy to have you with us!
    Post pics anyway!

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