And so it begins…

Another season of Idol. Do I or don’t I. I always say I won’t get sucked in. And I always do. Why, why, why? Two whole hours of whiny wannabees in awful outfits? And Crazy Paula, who just keeps getting crazier. Can’t help myself. Just. cannot. stay. away. But, it’s something to watch while I knit my oh so cool new pair of socks. I’m almost done with sock number one. And maybe, just maybe, sock number two will end up the same size. I said, maybe.


One thought on “And so it begins…

  1. I didn’t. We were eating cupcakes. Paula, or cupcakes? Easy choice. Paula is crazy/drunk, cupcakes are crazy/good.
    You go on that sock! If you finish #2 I will give you my favorite slipper pattern and yarn in your #1 happy color…

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