points, schmoints

Weight Watchers. That’s all I’m gonna say about that.

In other news, kidlet got his first haircut.
This was about 3 minutes before the meltdown. Unfortunately, (or fortunately) I was unable to capture said meltdown because I needed my hands to keep the kidlet from diving out of the cute firetruck/salon chair thingy.
So here’s a picture of him with his new do, working on his latest project.


Cute, no?

Speaking of projects…I got a million of them. No, not really, but a few. The war I spoke of earlier. Not so much going well. We had a few bumps, sick kids, etc. So, I need a new strategy. If the President can do it, why can’t I? I’m also working on some creative (haha) stuff. I laugh because it’s not really that creative. I’m working on learning to knit socks (okay, sock) and so far I have about two and a half inches of a cuff that should fit my daughter, not me. And I have an almost completed scrapbook layout on my dining room table. That’s good, right? It’s something. I just gotta get off my blog and finish. See ya later, tater.


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