I’m waging one. On clutter. On the mess in my house. Only I’m not telling anyone. Because if I do, and then they ask me how it’s going, I’m gonna freak out. The first day of the new year always inspires me to get organized. In my house, in my brain, you know what I mean. Somehow, though, I sort of lose steam about three days in. And then I’m sad and frustrated and disappointed. So, I figure if I don’t tell anyone, then when I screw it up at least no one will know but me. And if I make it, then people will be shocked and amazed when they see the new and improved, got-it-all-together me. Okay, so it probably won’t be that drastic. Probably no one will notice anything anyway. I haven’t actually started yet, so if you come to my house, don’t look around expecting anything amazing. Give me a few days (months) to figure it out.

Happy New Year!


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