My babies are growing up.

A couple of important updates. Been too busy to post but I didn’t want to forget entirely.

First there’s this…

My big boy turned 4. And although this picture isn’t the best quality, the joy in his face makes it the perfect picture to me. He had such a hard time last year, with the singing and the candles and the attention. This year we practiced. His teachers at school practiced with him. He was ready. At the big family party he did great, though a little shaky after some naughty kids screamed at the end of the song. Last Friday, though, it was just us. His friends sang to him at school and he smiled the whole way through. And then this picture. Happy, happy, joy joy. I’m prouder than proud of him. And sad, too, because he looks so much like a boy and so much less like a baby.

And in other news…

FINALLY!! She was so excited to lose that tooth. I worried that she would be panicky like her neurotic mother. Nope. She was on top of the world. Excited because she got to have her name written on the “Lost a Tooth” calendar at school. Finally. Her dad was practically heartbroken. This is it. She’s a big girl now. A part of her babyness is gone. Really gone. We had a girls’ day out and went to see Charlotte’s Web. So sweet. She hid her face in my chest when Charlotte told Wilbur that it was her time to go. Couldn’t bear to look. Almost the same way her daddy felt when that tooth came out. Except he didn’t get any popcorn.

One more baby is growing up. Only two more days left of his first year. I don’t know how much more of this I can take.


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