Update…for those who need to know.

I know there’s like, three of you. Anyway…

I’m better. Good thing, ’cause on day 7 of the drugs my baby broke out in a rash, and I had to stop them. Keeping my fingers crossed that I don’t get sick again.

Parties, parties and more parties. My 6 year old’s social calendar is way more booked than mine ever was. I feel like I’m a Target every week for another birthday present.

My boys birthdays are coming up. I’m giving a two for one party. Time to clean the house, for real.

I had projects planned. I wanted to paint my living room and dining room before putting up the Christmas tree. I don’t think it’s gonna happen.

New sofa and chair coming on Wednesday. Goodbye, futon. (don’t be sad, he’s only moving into the living room)

My middle boy now rides the bus to school every day. So, no more long trips in the car. If it’s too cold, I just run my big girl over to her school really quick. But 5 minutes in the car beats an hour. Mornings aren’t that much easier, though. I still have to wake up super early.

Thanksgiving was yummy.

Shopping trips to plan. Presents to buy. Christmas card to make and send. (Jen, are you out there? I have a picture, I just need your photoshoppin’ expertise to fashion me a card–quick.)

that’s all. over and out.


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