Goodbye, October


In case you’re wondering, M. is Sleeping Beauty. Princess Aurora, that is. Only it was so freakin’ cold outside there was no way I was letting her walk around unzipped. She didn’t seem to mind. Candy was the only thing she cared about. How many houses and how fast could we get to them? C. didn’t want to go, one house and he wanted back to Grandma’s. Smart boy. It was nice and warm there. Little one came along for the walk for just a bit, all warm and cozy in the lion getup. Then Grandpa took him in and me and my big girl went on The Quest for Candy. Now I’m trying to get rid of the stuff. It stares at me while the kids are at school. It has to go. I don’t know where but it can’t stay here.


One thought on “Goodbye, October

  1. You know I haven’t seen S in awhile… it’s probably been two months? It looks like you have two C’s there- one big, one little. And M looks so happy!

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