I did it

This is what I say to myself nearly everyday as I pull up into my driveway around 9:05. I did it. I somehow managed to get them off to school on time (barely) and in one piece. Nobody was crying, or screaming (okay, maybe me sometimes). I can now grab that coffee that I’ve been thinking about since 6:41 a.m. and find something to eat before putting the baby down for his nap. Ahhh. Sometimes I don’t even know how it happens. How I manage to get all the papers read and signed and placed back in the backpacks with the lunches and the drinks and the hats and mittens. (it’s cold out today) And everyone is wearing matching clothes that are clean and teeth are brushed. Yes, even mine. It’s like magic. Today I had to get my girlie all dressed up ’cause it’s Grandparents Day at school and they’re putting on a little show. And you know, “Mommy, I have to look nice.” And my big boy has a field trip, so it means a special lunch and don’t forget to label everything and make sure he’s nice and warm ’cause it’s a pumpkin farm and it’s cold out. But, I did it. Yes, the house is a mess. But I still did it. And it’s Friday. And I’m happy. Just wanted to give myself a little pat pat on the back. And go drink more coffee.


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